**BULK BUY** Jaws Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner/Degreaser - 6x 946ml +6x FREE refill cartridge

**THIS IS A BULK BUY OF 6 Bottles Per Box +6x FREE refill cartridge)**

Each Spray bottle comes with a clear and directive label and a refill cartridge.

The reusable bottle and cartridge refill will help you save money in the long run.
The spray cleans glass effectively leaving the surface completely streak-free.
The solution also does a decent job cleaning stainless steel, laminate counter top, and painted wall.

Jaws is one of the few cleaners to claim stain-busting power on electronics and it works on granite as well.

Just fill the reusable spray bottle with H2O, pop in a super-concentrated cleaning cartridge and you’ve got eco-friendly cleaning power wherever you need it.


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