Emergency Essentials Extreme First Aid Kit With a Bonus Snake Bite First Aid Kit

You'll always be prepared for accidents and emergencies with this Extreme First Aid Kit and Snake Bite First Aid Kit.
In an event of an incident, this kit will ensure that health and safety are accounted for. 

This Extreme kit includes:

•2x Wound Dressing No 15 - Sterile
•4x Eye Pads - Sterile
•3 x Triangular Bandage Disposable 96 x 96 x 137cm
•10 x Pair of disposable gloves
•2 x Burn Dressing 60 x 80cm
•2 x Conforming Elastic Gauze Bandage (Width) 7.5cm
•10 x Antiseptic Wound Cleansing Wipe Single
•5 x Non-Woven Wound Pad 10 x 10cm
•10 x Non-Woven Wound Pad 5 x 5cm
•10 x Non-Adherent Wound Pad 5 x 7.5cm
•9 x PBT Bandage (Width) 7.5cm
•9 x PBT Bandage (Width) 5cm
•1 x Adhesive Tape Paper (Width) 1.5cm
•2 x Emergency Blanket
•2 x Instant Cold Pack
•1 x Scissors
•1 x Plastic Tweezers
•50 x Assorted Bandaids
•10x Splinter Probes
•20 x Safety Pins
•6 x Soap Towelettes
•6 x Sting Relief Prep Pads
•30 x Alcohol Cleaning Pads
•30x Cotton Applicators
•1x Hand Sanitiser - 100ml
•5x Sodium Chloride Eye and Wound Wash 15ml Ampoule
•3x Assorted Ziplock Bags
•1x Notepad

Regulator Snake Bite First Aid Kit - Softpack
1x Aeroband Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x 115cm
1x Aeropad Low Adherent Dressings
2x Aeroform Snake Bite Indicator Bandage
1x First Aid Leaflet

TGA Approved AUST L 142658
ISO 13485

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