Millennial Non-Perforated Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 300 Metres - 8 Rolls

Jumbo Rolls  2.4 kilometres of paper in 1 box - Wow. This use to be just for the dispenser but now there is a change happening. This batch is 300 metres premium with no perforations (no cuts - so be warned). This trend started in America of course and What you thought you knew you don't. People hate changing rolls and the millennials even more so. But you can use it too. These are good quality compared to other brands. This is the style of paper you find in McDonalds big dispensers however this one is 2 ply and way better quality. If you want we have dispensers to fit (see link bottom of the page and picture). Or show us what stand you make . The rolls are great as they are 300 metre ones and not 180 sheets so 2.4 metres of toilet paper in the box. What your kids and neighbours will think and say is what we want to hear. Small video below. Remember no perforations in the roll. Some people have used a string others a coat hanger and a few built a stand. Clever wife - she has found that people have taken scissors and chopped them up too. Clever idea and possibly great for the kids to do too as an activity. If you have spare just wrap yourself up in one. Send us a picture of your setup with these rolls for a chance to win some prizes or store credit and let us use your pcitures.

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